Understanding Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning “finger pressure.” Shiatsu massage uses finger and palm pressure in its technique, and the massage aims to relax and soothe the body and mind as it’s being performed. As well as these palm and finger maneuvers, Shiatsu uses stretches and other varied massage techniques on the body. Often compared to acupressure, Shiatsu locates and targets specific pressure points within the body; by incorporating these stretching and breathing techniques too, a whole-body restoration energy balance is achieved.

Shiatsu massage pinpoints the body’s natural meridians throughout the body. Meridians are electromagnetic pathways of energy that affect all physical, physiological, mental and emotional happenings in the body. Shiatsu principles tell that manually manipulating the energy that flows along the meridians allows for better energy passage. Unobstructed energy allows the person receiving he massage to be more relaxed and better able to function.

Shiatsu massage aids in conditions such as insomnia, indigestion, joint pain, stiffness and inflammation, as well as depression. Shiatsu is effective in relieving the symptoms of these ailments because many of them are attributed to blocked energy within the body. There is so much emphasis on the body internally, as eastern medicine believes the body and mind need to be in balance with its surroundings in order for the body to be fully functional and healed. Many of the noninvasive methods that many of us here in the west have adhered to, originate from practices in the east.

Shiatsu massage is popular with those that have intestinal health issues, as it can help relieve constipation when applied to the abdominal area. The stretching and pulling that occurs during the massage can loosen muscles and relax the intestines and colon to ease the flow through these areas and make for easier bowel movements and less pain.

Shiatsu massage is effective in relieving tension and spasms of muscles too. In addition to the act of rubbing and pulling at the skin and muscles, shiatsu can release tension by pressing on natural acupressure points.

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