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“Not only does Massage Envy Spa have convenient hours and great prices, but they give the best trigger point therapy in Westlake Village.”

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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy TechniqueTrigger point massage therapy is a high pressure technique that focuses on the ‘trigger point’ nodules (knots) in the muscle that cause chronic pain. Utilizing a combination of targeted high pressure strokes, stretching and deep breathing, this method helps loosen tendons and ligaments allowing the capillaries to open and flush toxins – like lactic acid – out of your system.

Trigger points are quite common and are associated with a variety of conditions including physical or mental distress, disease, direct physical trauma, accidental trauma, infection, smoking, insomnia and more. Without proper therapy these nodules can build up over time increasing your chances for injury and chronic pain.

The professional massage therapists at Massage Envy will leave you feeling relieved and relaxed in just one session, but the benefits of trigger point massage only increase with time. Preventative care practices like regular massage therapy are recommended for long-term pain relief as well as overall wellness, strength and flexibility.

*Due to the tender nature of the trigger points you may feel some slight discomfort during the massage; please alert your professional therapists to any pain that may seem out of the ordinary or too intense.