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Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is an integral part of an athlete’s fitness regime. It can help prevent injury, relieve swelling and improve performance. Most athletes, while committed to their sport, aren’t always committed to proper stretching. This lack of tension release causes muscles and joints to tighten causing lactic acid build-up, decreased blood flow to the ailing region and most of all, pain. Pain is one of the leading causes of athletic under-performance, if you are experiencing pain on a regular basis then you may need a Sports massage therapy session from the experts at Massage Envy.

Imagine the level of relief that comes with a customized massage, tailored to your specific needs; where you are free to unwind and let gentle gliding strokes usher you into tranquil bliss. At Massage Envy, you get just that! Control every aspect of your massage from light dimming and temperature control to stroke pressure and focus points, we even have choice add-ons like aromatherapy and hot stones to really give you that luxurious spa experience.

So, if your body in motion is in need of a little relief come on in for a Sports therapy massage. Just one session will leave you refreshed and renewed – however, we encourage regular therapy sessions for those desiring preventative care. Massage Envy, giving you all-star athletic care without the all-star price tag.