Is Your Massage Flushing Out Your Toxins ?

Among massage myths, there is one that ultimately reigns supreme. There is absolutely no doubt that if you have ever inquired about massage to anyone that wasn’t a professional, certified massage therapist, you may have been told that massages flush out all of the toxins from the body.

Sadly, this notion is untrue, and it is uncertain as to where it was established, but more and more people with close connections to massage therapy try to eradicate this notion from existence every single day.

The body does have a way of efficiently eliminating and recycling waste, such as the toxins found inside the body. This being said, the way in which this is done, is not through an hour massage, but rather through urination and perspiration.

Somewhere along the line, those not so inclined with knowledge of how the body works, decided to come up with the theory that having the muscles rubbed meant that the waste, toxins and unnecessary bacteria in the body was eased out somehow.

Because the overall practice of massage therapy is based on the understanding that the client comes first, and that catering to their needs is the number one priority, the well-being is usually out first in terms of their care. This extends far beyond the massage itself, and should most definitely delve into the proper information being provided to them, especially on matters such as this one.

Massage therapists should always be willing to properly and subjectively address the assumptions their clients have, and then be able to support them with sufficient evidence. In this case, many scientific studies have proven time and time again, that toxins are in no way further “flushed” from the system with massage therapy, than they are without it.

The need for massage therapists to be properly informed, always learning and honing their craft, becomes more and more evident as myths and rumors around the practice come about. While massage might be able to flush toxins out of your body, it can certainly make you feel lighter than air. Massage often allows people to feel as though all of their cares are melting out of their bodies. 

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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