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What is Swedish Massage Therapy?

Swedish MassageWhen you think, “I need a massage”, you are most likely thinking the Swedish massage modality. Swedish massage, a practice focused on the promotion of relaxation and well-being, utilizes long gliding stroke styles that direct blood flow back to the heart, encouraging circulation. This increased circulation oxygenates the blood which, in turn, decreases muscle toxins and tension while enhancing flexibility.

A study published in the New York Times, conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that participants who received a 45-minute Swedish massage had significantly higher levels of lymphocytes (white blood cells) and lower levels of cortisol (stress
hormone), than those participants who did not receive a massage. Cortisol, while not harmful in small amounts, can lead to Chronic Stress, a condition that causes decreased bone density, immunity and cognitive performance; just one massage a week could drastically reduce your chances of developing chronic stress and other ailments.

Swedish massage techniques provide lasting relief without causing discomfort like more intense modalities. For best results, we encourage you to communicate your needs to your professional massage therapist throughout your Swedish massage session. Please alert them to any aches, pains,
past / present injuries or tightness you may be experiencing so they can personalize their techniques to your therapeutic needs.