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How Reflexology Massage Therapy Relieves Tension

Reflexology therapy is an interactive technique designed to pinpoint the source of your pain and alleviate it through stroke cycles of isolated pressure and release in your hands and feet. Performed without the aid of lotion or oils, the reflexology technique, is a non-invasive modality that is beneficial to people of all ages including children and the elderly.

Reflexology relies on a system of mapping that helps isolate problem areas, ensuring your therapeutic relief is going directly where it is needed. These problem areas, if left un-attended, can lead to the development of callouses, knobby toes and /or bunions, or worse yet, chronic conditions like arthritis.

At Massage Envy, we understand that no two bodies need the exact same therapy that is why we customize sessions around your needs. We encourage you to please inform your professional massage therapist of any ailments or pre-existing conditions you may have to ensure your session is truly tailored to your specifications. Massage Envy, where your comfort comes second to none.