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Hours of Operation:
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday
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Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

The Prenatal massage technique utilizes a combination of gentle, long, gliding strokes and restorative reflexology that were developed with the delicacies of the pregnant body in mind. Enjoy relief from tension and stress related pain in you back, neck and legs while the therapeutic strokes stimulate your blood and lymph flow for increased endorphin production.

At Massage Envy, our highly skilled therapists will customize a session around your specific needs; whether you need special attention to a sensitive spot or have restrictions because of a medical condition, our courteous staff is there to ensure you have the best experience possible. If your pregnancy is considered high risk please consult your physician or midwife before trying Prenatal massage therapy.

Pregnancy often causes unfamiliar stress to bones and joints, leaving you achy and feeling sluggish. Just one massage therapy session from massage envy and you will feel refreshed and renewed. Feel less stressed and more vital than ever before with a Prenatal Massage from Massage Envy.