How To Pick Yourself Up And Stay Up After Being Fired

Okay, so you just got fired. If you don’t know what to do next because you’re feeling angry, upset and vulnerable then we’re here to help. Most everyone has had problems with work and regardless of whether or not they have been fired, we have all had to assess our work performance. Check out the following healthy ways to be successful in the job market after being fired. And check out the subsequent tips on how to get excited about your life. 

Take A Break

If you can, take a few weeks off after you’ve been fired before you start to look for another job. The reason for this is because you’re most likely going to be upset, angry and vulnerable shortly after you’ve been let go and contacts and interviewers will pick up on this.

Be Honest With Yourself

Ask yourself why you were fired from your last job. Was your work ethic lacking? Did you have bad attitude and didn’t show up for work sometimes? Instead of blaming the fact that you were let go on anything other than your job performance, really look into the reason you were fired so that you don’t make the same mistakes next time. You can get in contact with some of your old coworkers and ask them to give you their honest opinion about why you got fired.

Reach Out

It can be really helpful to pour your heart out to a trusted friend, family member, or old coworker about the worst details of your past job. This can help you asses further why things didn’t work out. These people can also open your eyes to new job ideas or aspirations that you never pursued but can now. This is also the time to start networking. It can be beneficial to start doing networking with people you used to work with who are no longer at your past job. Then you can branch out to old classmates, or anyone else that can help to get you a lead.

Prepare To Be Able To Answer Tough Questions

If budget cuts were what got your fired then you can be honest with a prospective employer about this. But if it was because of your work ethic then you need to take ownership of it and tell your employer in such a way that you don’t sound incompetent or bitter. According to Andrea Kay, a career consultant and author of This Is How to Get Your Next Job, in this circumstance, you should say that there was a lot of miscommunication between you and your old boss about your role. You should assume the responsibility for not communicating with your boss but say that you learned a great deal from the experience. Katy also recommends to finish your conversation on a high note. For example, Katy gives these words, “in the end, I think things worked out for the best because I’m really excited to be here discussing this position with you.” Remember that speaking negativity about your last job just makes you look bad.

Get Excited About Your Life

If you’re constantly tired, it can seem like a huge feat to do just about anything. Sometimes our mindset is what makes us feel tired and other times it’s lack of exercise and proper nutrition. Check out the following awesome ways to turn your drab mood around and feel healthy and alive.

Mix Up Your Workouts

Working out is a great avenue for stress relief and motivation. Mixing up your workouts can help ensure that you don’t get bored of exercising. If you go to the gym, designate different days for different parts of the body. My cousin and I go to one and one day we’ll focus on arms, the next legs, etc. If we did the same exercises everyday we’d tire ourselves out and the exercise wouldn’t have an energizing effect on us.

Be Around Good People

Have you ever noticed that even when you’re tired, being around good people can help you feel more upbeat? It’s like it does something to your soul. So spend time around people you love and who bring out the best in you. I have some friends that are just so positive and kind that being in their presence makes me feel alive. They are nonjudgmental and just know how to make you feel good.


Make A List Of Quick Things You Can Do To Energize Yourself

Keeping a list of quick things you can do to perk yourself up when you’re going through a lull at work or at someplace that doesn’t allow for much time to step away is a great tactic. Here are some helpful ones:


  • Take a walk outside
  • Stretch
  • Eat some fruits and vegetables
  • Drink some green tea
  • Take a 20 minute nap
  • Drink cold water 


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before  taking any health advice.

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