Got Beauty Marks? Your Risk For Breast Cancer Could Be Increased

Us ladies who have a lot of beauty marks (or moles), understand that we need to be extra careful when it comes to skin cancer. But there’s another reason we should be cautious. New studies have found that having a good amount of beauty marks on your body can be an indication of a higher risk of breast cancer. Yikes!

According to two studies in PLOS Medicine, women with a higher number of moles are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t have any moles. The first study found that women with 15 or more moles were 35 percent more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer as compared to women who are mole free. Women with no moles had an 8.48 percent chance of developing breast cancer and women with 15 or more moles had an 11.4 percent chance of developing breast cancer. Time to see our dermatologist, ladies!

In the second study, women were asked whether they had no moles,few, many, or very many moles. It was found that women with very many moles had a 13 percent higher risk of breast cancer. However, when the analysts controlled for known breast cancer factors, the association was no longer significant.

Analysts suspect that there’s a hormonal connection here. Moles may be affected by levels of sex hormones, which may also be involved in the development of breast cancer.

So us ladies with a large number of beauty marks, it’s time to visit the dermatologist. If they find nothing, great. But if you have early signs of the cancer, you can get it treated right away to avoid more serious problems. A good rule of thumb is to try to find a dermatologist who will listen to you, because one who is rude and abrasive just won’t cut it. “Physicians need to have good social skills, because medicine is all about teamwork,” says Johns Hopkins University Civility Project cofounder P.M. Forni, Ph.D.


Remember to consult your physician before taking any health advice.

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