4 Smart Ways To Lower Your Stress And Spend Less On Your Wedding

If you’re trying to save money on your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to empty out your entire life savings to have a beautiful and memorable event. Avoid the stress on your wallet and use these tips to get through your wedding with your savings account still intact. Check out the following cost-friendly and fabulous ways to make your wedding day special.

1. Choose The Right Flowers

Pick flowers that are in season and local. This can do a great deal to slash prices and they’ll still be beautiful. It’s also a lot better for the environment not to fly flowers in from some exotic country.

2. Buy A Dress That You Can wear Again

Who says that you can only wear your dress on your wedding day? Chances are you’re going to love it so much that you’ll want to wear it more. So instead of dropping an insane amount of money on a dress from a bridal boutique, look for a more cost-efficient one that you can wear again. It will be just as beautiful and you’ll get to savor the feeling you get when you put your dress on for that much longer.

3. Ask Guests To Contribute To Your Wedding Fund Instead Of Cookie Cutter Gifts

Many people ask for traditional gifts from their guests, but more often than not, the bride and groom need help paying for the wedding most of all. This is much easier for guests to contribute to anyway as they don’t have to rummage around town looking for your registered gifts at various stores.

4. Go Easy On Your Cake Decorations

Instead of paying for elaborate fondant designs for your wedding cake, decorate it with a few fresh flowers from your local florist. It will look just as beautiful and won’t cost an arm and a leg.



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