4 Captivating Reasons Optimists Are Healthier

Being optimistic can have many benefits besides simply making us feel better (which is great in itself)! Seeing situations in a positive light can allow our bodies and minds to be healthier. Check out the following fabulous ways your optimism can improve your health.

1. It Can Improve Your Heart Health

According to a 2012 scientific review in the journal Psychological Bulletin, a positive attitude may improve our cardiovascular health. “Health is more than the absence of disease,” co-author Julia Boehm, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health said. “So we looked at the positive side of things — how optimism and happiness might protect against cardiovascular disease.” The study found that mental well-being is linked to a decrease in strokes, heart attacks and other heart problems, according to HSPH News.

2. It Can Contribute To Better Cholesterol

A 2013 study, also from the Harvard School of Public Health, found that middle-aged subjects who scored high as being optimistic on a test had greater levels of “good” cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein cholesterol) and decreased levels of triglycerides. Cool, right?

3. It Can Allow You To Handle Stress Better

People who find meaning in stressful situations and acknowledge the silver lining, tend to handle stress a lot better than people who see the glass half full. They are also more likely to mentally recover from a traumatic event. And get this – upbeat thoughts have a positive effect on physical rehabilitation from an immediate stressor. Crazy, right?

4. It Can Strengthen Your Immunity

A study found that having an optimistic outlook can actually strengthen your immune system. Researchers found that study participants who had optimistic outlooks showed increased cell-mediated immunity (where immune cells get together to counter a perceived risk). A gloomy outlook actually had a negative effect on participants’ immunity cells. Yikes!


Remember to consult your physician before taking any health advice.

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