2 Awesome Reasons A Sibling’s Bond Is One To Cherish

When I’m feeling upset or anxious, my brothers tend to be the first people I call. They know me inside and out and know what to say to help me feel better. My brothers understand how I react to things, and know what makes me sad or elated. And their support is something that I cherish. Studies are showing that the bond between siblings can be stronger than any other bond out there. Check out the following great reasons why.

1. They Just Get Each Other

Because siblings have spent so much time together, they know each other inside and out. They intuitively know when the other is hurting, happy, or in need of support. This can really be a wonderful gift. Terri Apter, child psychologist, points out that siblings may not always appreciate each other, but will always be profoundly interested in each other. Think about the way you describe your siblings in comparison to your parents or friends. The personalities and characteristics of your siblings are most likely what you talk about the most. You may go into detail about them and talk about their complexities. I often talk about how much I love my brothers and the specific characteristics that make me appreciate them. When I talk about other people, although I may love them dearly, I don’t go into such depth since I might not know as much.

2. They’ve Got Your Back No Matter What

Did you know that the unbreakable bond between siblings is often what makes a huge difference in well-being, especially in older age? Studies show that as people age, their self-confidence and spirit rises if their siblings are also alive. And get this – elderly men who have sisters seem to be more emotionally secure than those who do not have sisters. The favorable benefits of the relationship between brothers and sisters isn’t actually dependent upon how much the siblings communicated in the past. Instead, it was the fact that they existed and were available that mattered most.


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