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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy TechniqueTrigger points, also known as ‘muscle knots’, are tight areas within muscle tissue that can cause chronic pain. Widely known to be linked to a variety of common conditions, (muscle overload, mental or physical distress, trauma, infection and disease), trigger points can form at almost any age on nearly any person.

Developed in the 1940s by Dr. Janet Travell, trigger point massage therapy is designed to alleviate patients’ pain at the source or ‘trigger point’. It utilizes a series of isolated strokes – sometimes administered by the elbow for increased pressure – to remove lactic acid build up, detoxify muscles and generally promote overall wellness.

Just one session with the professional therapists at Massage Envy will increase flexibility, improve range of motion and bolster muscle coordination. For long-term relief or preventative care we recommend incorporating regular sessions into your health and fitness routine.

*Due to the tender nature of the trigger points you may feel some slight discomfort during the massage; please alert your professional therapists to any pain that may seem out of the ordinary or too intense.