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Hours of Operation:
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday
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Why You’ll Love Reflexology Massage Therapy

Reflexology is a specialized form of massage therapy that is effective in treating all bodily ailments, mental, emotional and physical. In reflexology, the hands, feet and sometimes ears, are mapped out into ‘stress zones’ that correlate with the function of a specific body part or system. With its gentle yet targeted therapy, just one session of reflexology can eliminate headaches, relieve digestive tract issues and fight depression and other mood disorders. For long-term preventative benefits like blood pressure regulation and boosting the function of the limbic and immune systems, regular massage therapy is recommended.
At Massage Envy, we know no two people’s therapeutic needs are exactly alike, that is why we customize every session around your needs; please share any aches, pains or pre-existing conditions with your massage therapist before your session and they’ll ensure your comfort is never compromised during your time with us.