How To Get Out Of The Office Quicker This Summer

Working during the summer can be especially difficult because it’s so beautiful outside and all we want to do is lounge on the beach. Well there are ways to perk ourselves up so that we can feel better all day long and get out of the office ASAP. Check these great tips out:

1. Get Healthy In The Morning

Go for a great run in the morning or take a trip to your nearby farmer’s market so you have fresh fruits and veggies for lunch. This will allow you to start the day on a positive note. According to a 2013 David Suzuki Foundation and Trent University survey, regularly spending just 30 minutes outdoors can boost your happiness levels.

2. Make a Progress Map

Keep a paper calendar specifically for your work projects. Write down actions you will take to get your assignments done. Place the calendar near your computer screen so you’re never got off guard, recommends Julie Morgenstern, a New York City–based time-management expert and author of Organizing From the Inside Out. Make sure to differentiate this calendar from your Google one. “Our computer is filled with potential distraction minefields, while a paper calendar keeps your deadlines in view at all times,” Morgenstern says.

3. Start Work With Your Most Important Tasks

While it may be tempting to search through your inbox because of your endless emails, don’t. Your first step should be to tackle your most important tasks. This way you won’t be slowed down by less significant assignments.

4. Only Spend Two Minutes On Emails

If you can spend two minutes or less answering an email, do it. Look at the email one time and answer it right away. “If you put them off, it takes longer to do them in the long run. And the more items that end up on your to-do list, the more overwhelming it becomes,” says Cathy Sexton, owner of The Productivity Experts company in St. Louis.



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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