4 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Utilize Your Passion

Do you ever ask yourself life’s big questions like “Who am I? and “What do I want in this life?” If you don’t, it’s time you start. When we ask ourselves certain life questions and care enough to give considerate answers, we are on our way to living our best lives. Check out these questions we must ask ourselves:

1. What Is My Passion In Life?

This question requires you to ask the question, “Why?” If you think being a mother is your passion, you need to ask yourself what is it about being a mother that I love? Maybe it’s teaching your child new things. If you love spending time with your friends, ask yourself, “What is it about spending time with my friends that I love?” Maybe with your friends you like exchanging ideas and teaching each other new things. Find the common thread in all that you love to do. For example, if the teaching portion is what you value in the things that you love, perhaps your passion is teaching.

2. Where Do I Want My Energy To Go?

Once you figure out what your passions are, you can begin to choose how you live them. Most of us are so busy that we may be thinking, “How am I going to be an artist? My passion is expressing feelings through art.” If you’re busy with kids, maybe you can volunteer in their art class or express your feelings in other ways, like talking about them with your girlfriends. There’s more than one way to utilize your passion.

3. Ask Yourself “Why Not?”

When you have a choice whether or not to do something, ask yourself “Why not?” or “What’s the worst that would happen?” If you can handle the worst, then go for it.

4. Ask Yourself “What Do I Need To Hear?”

No matter what situation you’re in, you can ask yourself “What do I need to hear?” If you want to feel more loved, more safe, more secure, ask yourself what you need to hear to accomplish feeling that way. Maybe you need your friend to tell you that their life is better because you are in it. And never be afraid to ask for what you want.



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