2 Effective Ways To Remedy Your Work Stress

I think of work as a place where I can expand my mind and write about what I’m passionate about. I enjoy the company of my coworkers and look forward to the other activities in my day. Every now and then though, stress seeps in; the kind of stress that brings worry and anxiety. I may think, “What if I don’t finish this assignment on time?” or “What if this traffic doesn’t subside and I’m late to work?” Well, fortunately there are many ways to remedy our stressful work situations and here they are:

1. Find Time To Be Flexible

Find out if your work will allow you to stay late one day and leave early another. Maybe staying later on Monday night will free up your Friday afternoon to visit the beach or see a movie. You can also find flexible time with your current work schedule. Maybe you can get up half an hour early in the morning to go for a jog or brew some tea and enjoy a delicious breakfast. Another great option is to have some alone time on your lunch break. Many of us need this. I like to take short naps in my car because it feels revitalizing and it’s a great way to take care of myself.

2. Take Your Eyes Off Of Your Computer

Many experts recommend taking your eyes off of your computer every 45 minutes to avoid eye strain. They also recommend getting up every hour to walk around or stretch to avoid back pain and other health problems. You can try looking into your coworker’s eyes every 45 minutes (as long as you don’t freak them out)! Have a conversation with them and make a connection. Brief moments of kinship can allow us to make it through the day more easily. You can also take mini breaks with your coworkers to chat over some tea or coffee. We are all entitled to breaks throughout our work day, so use that time to go to your local frozen yogurt shop. Yum!



Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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