What Do Your Sleep Habits Reveal About You ?

There are a variety of strange things that we do every single day, that can play large parts in determining how healthy we are as an individual. From oral hygiene to sleeping style, everything plays its part. So take a look at this quick and handy guide that lets you in on how the way you sleep is affecting your health.

Tummy Sleepers

A chiropractor’s nightmare, sleeping on your stomach can lead to a variety of pain in the neck, back, shoulders and even in the hips. Therefore, sleeping like this, as comfortable as it is, is incredibly bad for the spine, and puts you at an even higher risk for serious ailments as you age.

Sleeping on your stomach, accounts for 16 percent of the population, so if you sleep face down, you’re not alone. However, this can flatten the natural curve of the spine over time. Added strain on the neck is provided when the head is turned in order to breathe in this position. This position also leads to the majority of tossing and turning done at night, simply because the body cannot remain in this position comfortably.

Tick Tock

If you get up and go, and part of that consists of not eating a healthy breakfast, you may have what is called a delayed internal clock, or “chronotype.” This occurs because the body is set in a way that would prefer it to sleep and rest rather than wake and eat. The majority of us are indeed hungry when we awake, but if you don’t fall into that category, your clock may be ticking a little differently than most.

Snooze Lover

If waking up means hitting the snooze five times before actually getting up, it may be good because those who do this, typically remember their dreams far more vividly than those who are out of bed in a hurry. Taking the time to enjoy REM sleep, helps the brain to be better refreshed and also means that the body can prepare for the day ahead. Being jolted awake out of REM sleep often means that the body is left disoriented and it can take a while for it to get back on track.

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