Nutritional Hacks To Heighten Your Health

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to fully understand that the way to a healthy and happy life is to eat right and exercise frequently. Over time, you become familiar with the foods you’re supposed to eat, the ones you should stay away from, and the ones you should dabble in from time to time. Even the most seasoned healthy eater, who is armed with this knowledge, might still be shortchanging themselves on some really beneficial health benefits hidden in the foods they eat.

Knowing just how to unlock the maximum amount of nutrients from the foods you eat is key in helping to fill the body with as many positive health properties as possible. Maximize the full nutritional potential of some of the healthiest foods with these simple and effective strategies.

Rest Your Garlic

Garlic is great for adding that extra layer of flavor, but it also has tremendous health benefits when prepared correctly. For many, chopping garlic and simply tossing into the pan is the norm; however, this is wrong when it comes to savoring the nutrients it has to offer.

Garlic has in it, a protein called alliin and a heat-sensitive enzyme called alliinase. Applying heat immediately after cutting garlic destroys the alliinase, and heating it makes sure that it’s all gone by the time you eat it.

Getting the most out of this food is as easy as chopping it, and then keeping it away from heat. Then, let it sit for about ten minutes before you cook with it. This tiny waiting period allows the allicin to fully come together and stay perfectly intact while cooking.

Chill Your Potatoes

The high amount of starch in most potatoes actually spikes blood sugar, sometimes even about as high as eating a spoonful of sugar. The body is designed to handle this rapid rise of blood glucose, just as it is with all high glycemic foods, thanks to the hormone called insulin. Lowering the glycemic index of potatoes, so as to reduce the body’s release of insulin, is as easy as cooking the potato and then chilling in in the fridge 24 hours prior to consumption. The cooler temperature helps to lower the glycemic index of the starches, which makes for 25 percent reduction in the resulting rise in blood glucose.


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