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How Reflexology Massage Therapy Relieves Tension

If you experience discomfort when lying on your stomach, but still would love to experience the benefits of massage therapy then Reflexology is the perfect modality for you. The reflexology technique focuses on ‘stress points’ in the feet, hands and ears to alleviate ailments ranging from pain and tension to digestive tract issues and depression. These ‘stress points’ are massaged gently but firmly on dry skin (no oils or lotions are used in reflexology) to send nerve signals to the related body parts – including internal systems – releasing any tension or metabolic byproduct build-up.

At Massage Envy, our goal is to give you the best massage you have ever had, that is why we proudly offer fully customizable therapy sessions. Imagine being able to control not just the strength and focus of your massage, but the room temperature and the brightness of the lights too; now that’s custom! To ensure your comfort is never compromised during the session please inform your professional massage therapist of any aches, injuries or pre-existing conditions you may be suffering from. Massage Envy, for a truly customizable experience.