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Why Geriatric Massage Therapy is Important

Geriatric Massage utilizes the same techniques as a basic Swedish massage but with lighter strokes and less pressure. This gentle technique improves blood flow, deepens breathing and releases endorphins to encourage physiological and psychological healing.

As we get older, our bodies’ resilience fades and recovery seems more and more a challenge, but with the benefits of geriatric massage therapy you can get back to life faster. Enjoy better mobility and range of motion, sleep and digestive regularity and a return to independence by simply incorporating regular massage therapy into your wellness routine.

At Massage Envy, we know the aging body might have special considerations, please inform your therapist if you have any injuries or medical conditions so they can customize your session to fit your needs. We encourage you to be as candid as possible with your current physical state to ensure your comfort is not compromised throughout the session.

Geriatric Massage therapy can also help you prevent pain and stiffness in the future. Massage therapy combined with an active life style and a healthy diet can decrease your risk for many age related ailments and improve your overall quality of life. If you are having problems maintaining your flexibility or have long recovery times from illness and injury ask your doctor if massage therapy is right for you.