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Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy combines basic friction strokes with targeted pressure therapy to offer athletes unprecedented relief. The body of an athlete is under constant stress, whether it’s the repetitive motion of many sports or the impact of running on your joints, your body is getting put through the ringer. Sports massage therapy will release metabolic byproduct build-up, reduce muscle tension and restore balance to your musculo-skeletal system to prevent injury and development of chronic conditions.

Every athlete knows the importance of body maintenance like proper diet and stretching, but some overlook the necessity for proper muscle therapy. In you are looking to increase your agility, fight fatigue and improve your overall performance, than Sports massage therapy should become a regular part of your wellness routine.

At Massage Envy, we customize your session to tailor to your specific therapeutic needs. To ensure your comfort is never compromised during the massage, please inform your therapist of any aches, injuries or medical conditions you may be suffering from. So, whether you are a budding tri-athlete trying to improve your time or an after work gym rat stuck on a plateau, Sports massage therapy may be just what you need to take you the heights of your performance.