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Benefits of Reflexology Massage Therapy

Reflexology focuses on relieving pain, tension build-up and other ailments through the feet and hands. These extremities, while small in size, are connected to nearly every part of the body; the feet alone feature nearly 7,000 nerve endings, while the hands boast over 2500 nerve receptors per square centimeter! Because the feet and hands are so sensitive, the set the tension level for the rest of the body. The good news is that a simple one-hour Reflexology session at Massage Envy will help interrupt stress signals and reset homeostasis.

Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive practice that can be beneficial for anyone at any age. It provides natural mood therapy for children, encourages blood flow and toxin release in athletes, diminishes pain in chronic illness sufferers, regulates the digestive tract in adults and increases everyone’s overall wellness.

At Massage Envy, you can customize your massage experience to fit your exact likings. Control the temperature and lighting settings, disrobe only to the level of your comfort and include any aches, pains, injuries or illnesses in your consultation with your expert massage therapist to ensure your comfort is never compromised during the session. Enjoy your Reflexology massage in the most serene environment imaginable, stop by a Massage Envy for a Reflexology massage today.