Get That Flat Belly Without Those Ridiculous Crunches

Visceral fat is defined as fat that centers around the core, belly and also encases vital organs inside the body. To achieve the strong core and the flat belly you’re so desperately pursuing, you can get there through hard work and dedication inside and outside the gym. The process itself can be aided through a few tricks and moves in your daily activities too.

To put this all in perspective, it takes roughly 22,000 crunches to burn off just one single, solitary pound of fat from the body. So, as great as a workout of crunches is, abs and a flat stomach are made in other rigorous exercises in your workout routine, and also in the kitchen. Eating right is a big part of turning fat into muscle, so these four dietary tips will help you along the way.

Precise Eating

Snacking throughout the day is the greatest way to keep the metabolism going, which in turn helps you to torch that unwanted belly fat. However, snacking needs to be done at a precise time in the day in order for it to benefit you the most. Eating protein between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. balances blood sugar at a time in the day when levels tend to dip. Keeping insulin low is essential, as it reduces the chances of you storing fat.

Cut Down the Sweets

Eat little to no sugar; easier said than done, but doing this will keep insulin levels low and glucagon levels high. Glucagon, is the hormone within the body that helps to eat up the fat effectively and help your belly stay flat.


Ample amounts of chewing prevents bloating. This being said, ample chewing means that you need to grind food down into a puree before you swallow. It can be tiresome, but because digestion begins inside the mouth, it means that bloating has less of chance to occur if the food is easier to digest.

Salt Smarter

The culprit making your tummy bloat? It could be the salt in your diet. Use natural sea salt or kosher salt, which is lower in sodium teaspoon for teaspoon than traditional table salts. And stay away from soy sauce: Even low-sodium soy sauce is still high in sodium and will cause practically instant bloating.

Instead, flavor your food with a little fresh tomato salsa or a hint of cayenne pepper, which has an added benefit of boosting your metabolism

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