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Why Seniors Love Geriatric Massage Therapy

Geriatric Massage’s light yet soothing strokes were designed with the delicacies of the aging body in mind. As our bodies age massage therapy becomes increasingly important because our strength and flexibility get harder and harder to maintain with regular usage alone. This gentle technique will not only encourage blood flow and release toxin build-up; it will also improve the way your body functions overall.

The Geriatric technique’s primary goal is to get the entire body to relax and detoxify by gently stimulating blood flow. This increased blood flow removes lactic and uric acid build-up in muscles, and increases ligament and tendon flexibility; just one session will leave you feeling blissfully renewed.

While one massage is beneficial, for long-term benefits like improved immunity and sleep quality, we recommend scheduling regular massage therapy sessions with one of our highly trained technicians. Our flexible membership programs offer an affordable solution to the usual hefty cost of regular therapy. Enjoy member discounts, friends and family discounts and occasional free gifts as our way of saying thank you for putting your wellness first.

Whether you’re an active senior on-the-go or are recovering from an injury and want to get your freedom back faster, you can get on the path to wellness with Massage Envy.

*Massage therapy is not recommended for all conditions; please consult your physician before scheduling an appointment.