Energy Techniques & Massage Therapy Go Hand in Hand To Help Relieve Pain

Massage therapy and energy therapy follow very similar guidelines in their practices. Both aim to center, heal and enhance the health of those who are participating in them; the biggest difference however, is that massage therapy is hands on (literally), whereas energy therapy uses no touch.

More and more as of very recently, energy therapy and massage have gone hand in hand to help participants heal and relax in a much more effective and powerful way. With massage, clothing is removed and the soft tissue of patients is being rubbed with a lubricant, massaged, kneaded and stretched to help release tension and increase relaxation. With energy therapy, clothes are kept on and energy is being balanced by light touch or none at all. The combination of both methods of therapy has its advantages not only for the patients but also the therapists.

The incorporation of both techniques benefits the massage therapist in that the energy techniques are easier on the therapist’s body; without constant use of the hands or other body parts, the stress from working on a large number of patients is lessened. Massage therapy is physically demanding and using energy therapy can reduce injuries, burn out and provide longevity to the careers of massage therapists.

Less physical interaction will not diminish the result for the patient either. This is because an energy therapy session also induces muscle release, making the massage work easier and more productive. By rubbing an acupressure point, one-sided headaches can generally be completely eliminated. 

Another big benefit of energy techniques stems from its ability to cater to clients who aren’t able to be massaged in a certain area due to injury. Also, energy therapy sessions can help to induce relaxation and take pain away in a matter of minutes. Once the client is completely relaxed, the remainder of the bodywork can be administered via massage therapy.

Advantages for the client include the fact that energy work is easier on the client’s body, making the session more enjoyable and relaxing. Many who receive energy therapy and massage note that muscle tightness without feeling pain is a much better alternative than toughing it out and getting massaged completely through aches and pains. Being much more relaxed through these methods helps to better enjoy the therapy, heal better and be more relaxed overall.

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