Why Your Thoughts Are Crucial To Your Health And Experience

Happiness experts often say that what we focus on expands and that we can always find evidence to support our beliefs.

I was with a friend the other day and he was telling me that what you have your mind made up about normally happens. He said, “If I say to myself that I’m going to have a good day at work, then I really am going to have a good day.” I responded with “Oh, the power of positive thinking,” to which he said, “no, whether it’s a good thought or a bad thought, you make it happen.”

I decided to employ his strategy and it worked like a charm. It’s almost as if we find evidence supporting how we feel. For example, in saying that I will have a great day, throughout the day I may notice that my coworker is very pleasant or I appreciate that my boss is extra kind. If I told myself that I would have a bad day however, I could find evidence for that, too- maybe I would think the weather was too hot outside, or although my coworker was pleasant, he’s normally not.

Have you ever been talking to a friend about a particular car that you may not normally see on the road, but once you focus on it and are aware of the car, you see it everywhere? This works with our beliefs, too. If I feel that people are basically good, I am going to find evidence to support that and vice versa.

I guess it boils down to how we want to feel at the end of the day. I was  reading a quote the other day that went, “choose optimism, it feels better,” and you know what it’s true. Our life is up to us and luckily we have a say as to whether or not we feel good or bad. The choice really is up to us.


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