When It’s Okay To Say “No” To Social Engagements

We all long for social connections. In fact, that’s one of our most essential needs as human beings. This is why it can be so difficult to say “no” to people, because we feel that we may threaten our social networks. But true friends understand that we need alone time and they will support us whole-heartedly. Check out the following times it’s okay to say “no.”

1. Happy Hour

Some of us just feel like getting some peace and quiet at home after work. This can be especially true for introverts. So if loud sounds, alcohol and constant chatter doesn’t sound all that great to you, decline the offer and get some much needed time alone. You can catch happy hour next week if you feel up to it.

2. Physical Exhaustion

Although some of us have strict exercise schedules, sometimes we need to skip a workout because our bodies are just too exhausted. It’ s important to listen to your body above all else. So if it’s telling you that pushing through a workout would be bad for you, then take the night off, have an early bedtime and get at it tomorrow.

3. Incessant Thoughts

If you have a million thoughts bouncing around in your head, the best thing is to be by yourself with some peace and quiet. You may need a whole room to yourself, or just your favorite chair and a cup of tea. Make sure to make your environment tech-free so that you can really get quiet without outside stimuli.

4. Friday Night

Some of us just aren’t night owls and we need a break on Friday night after the long work week. There’s nothing wrong with going home and snuggling on the couch with an episode of your favorite TV show. You can invite a friend over to do the same or choose to have time alone. No matter what, understand that your free time is yours alone and you have full rein over what you do with it.



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