Sports Massage Encino CA

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

If you are trying to enhance strength, skill, stamina and flexibility then you need Sports massage therapy. Sports massage therapy was designed with every kind of athlete in mind; from the highly sculpted athletic machines to the afternoon jogger. No matter what your skill or strength level, your active body will perform better with Sports massage therapy.

Sports massage combines the smooth gliding strokes of Swedish massage with targeted pressure therapy to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation in just one session. For preventative care we recommend regular massage therapy sessions to get the problems before they start. Fix imbalances in your musculo-skeletal system, eliminate toxin build up, increase flexibility and improve your recovery time; if your goal is to take your performance to the next level then you need Sports massage therapy from Massage Envy.

Enjoy our fully customizable, tranquil environments as you let the stress of the world just melt away. To ensure your comfort is never compromised we ask you to please share any injuries, pain or medical conditions you may have with your professional massage therapist. Prevent injury before it happens with the help of Massage Envy.