Reflexology Massage Encino

Why You’ll Love Reflexology Massage Therapy

Reflexology utilizes the massage techniques of Swedish and Sports massages but only applies them to the feet and hands. The feet and hands are like windows into your body’s functionality, if you are experiencing pain or have developed bunions, callouses or knobby toes then your body is most likely off balance and is in desperate need of the therapeutic strokes of Reflexology.

At Massage Envy, we are dedicated to giving you unmatchable service in the most tranquil and relaxing environment possible. It is because of this commitment that we encourage you to take advantage of our customizable options during your session. Not only will you be able to direct your therapist to your stress zones but you can also adjust the lighting and room temperature to your liking, you can even add aromatherapy as a choice upgrade for a truly blissful experience.

Reflexology is a great massage alternative if you have trouble lying on your stomach for long periods of time, are uncomfortable disrobing or need to sit upright for medical reasons because of its non-invasive nature. Please inform your therapist of any pre-existing conditions or injuries you may have to ensure your comfort is never compromised. Massage Envy, because we care about you.