How To Get What You Want Out Of Life

Do you ever think about what you want from your life? There have been times when I have given into what I’m currently feeling. I may say “I’m so tired” or “I don’t want to do this,” etc. The problem with using this type of negative language is that our ears hear it and that feeling becomes even more intense. We then become even more tired and want to work on a task even less. Experts say that whatever follows the word “I am” will be your truth. Check out the following effective ways to switch up your inner dialogue:

1. If You’re Tired

When you’re feeling tired, instead of saying, “I’m so tired,” say “I am looking forward to my second wind,” or “I am refreshed.” You don’t have to jump to the extreme of “I am energetic” because you may not believe that. Play around with the wording and before you know it, you’ll feel more refreshed.

2. If You Want To See Where You’ll Be In Five Years, Listen To Your Words

You simply cannot go around saying to yourself “I’m unattractive,” “I’m lazy,” “I’m a lousy mother.” This will draw in negatives to your life. Change the recording in your head. If you initially think, “I am insecure,” change it to “I am confident, ” “I am talented,” “I am disciplined and focused.”  You should also say to yourself, “I am beautiful.” When you tell yourself that you’re beautiful, you’re inviting beauty to come into your life.

3. Wake Up In The Morning Saying “Thank You”

Don’t wake up and immediately say “I don’t feel like going to work.” When you first get up, think of something that you’re grateful for. For example, you may not feel great, but you have loving friends and a family- focus on these beauties. This sets the tone for the rest of your day. It’s imperative we do this before we check our phones, the stock report, the weather report and so on. You can even train yourself to say “Thank you” right when you get up, so that you’re thankful for whatever’s going to come your way.



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