3 Meaningful Times It’s OK To Focus On Ourselves

There are certain times when being selfish is good for you and vital to your health. Check out the following three times when being selfish is a must for proper self-care.

1. When You Need Help With Something

Us people-pleasers have no problem giving to other people and listening to them in their time of need. But it’s time we allow others to help us, too. We deserve to have friends and family to support us and talk to us about our problems when we are in distress. This is definitely a time it is OK to be selfish. You deserve to get better and by allowing your loved ones to help you with your problems, it can actually bring you closer.

2. After Work

Rest and relaxation are vital to our health and happiness. So it’s important that we make time to unwind. Professional athletes know that they need to rest after they train so that their bodies are in tip-top shape and they can perform optimally. We are much more productive when we allow ourselves to rest after work anyway. So working overtime can do more harm than good.

3. When You Need Alone Time

I know I have felt guilty in the past for just relaxing and doing nothing. I would beat myself up and tell myself that I should be doing something productive. But you know what? Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is warranted. De-stressing is needed for good health because when we are constantly in a worried frenzy we put our body through stress that negatively affects our mental and physical health. In order for us to be there for our friends, family, children, etc, we need to have time to ourselves to rest. So if watching your favorite TV show or dancing to some music makes you feel great, do it so that you can be healthy.

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