3 Crazy Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Life

There are many unhealthy behaviors and thought processes that a lot of us Americans take part in. They can be toxic to our lives and cause us to stray from living up to our full potential. Check out the following unhealthy ways you may be hurting your mental and physical health and how to turn it around.

1. You Take Everything Personally

Taking everything personally is unhealthy and exhausting. People who think that everything is targeted at them can be toxic to be around. The truth is that the way people behave and how they treat others is much more about themselves than about the person they are targeting. So regardless of whether or not someone thinks you’re awful or fantastic, it’s much less about you and more about the person’s beliefs, perspectives and experiences. This doesn’t give you license to disregard all feedback about you. But what other people feel about you shouldn’t hurt you to your core. It’s best to listen to observations from people whose opinions you hold dear, such as kind friends and reasonable family members.

2. You Obsess Over Your Negative Thoughts

It can be extremely difficult to be around people who are negative all of the time. Think about it – how can you be happy when all you are focusing on is what is wrong with the world? The best you can hope to feel when you are being negative is deflated and depressed. No good!

3. You Think Of Yourself As A Victim

If you’re constantly complaining and seeing yourself as a victim, then you’re lying to yourself and ruining your precious moments. The truth is that you are in the drivers seat of your life and no one can make you think or feel anything, except for yourself. And as far as things you can’t control, such as natural disasters and other people’s behaviors, you do have control over how you react.

With negative thoughts, stress and anxiety can often follow. Check out this great read on 3 calming ways to end an anxiety attack. 


Remember to consult your physician before taking any health advice.

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